Project Management – Petro Piping can support the project in Piping materials supply from the 1st Material take off (long lead items) until the site requirements (urgent materials off the shelf from our inventory locations globally). Since we specialize in Project Supply Management, we are able to supply piping materials throughout the complete procurement stage.

Long Term Agreements (LTA) – We specialize in price agreements with our clients for over a number of years. Fixed price for n number of years. Tailor made contracts as per project requirements, which include escalation clauses, buy backs, surface coatings (eg,3LPE FBE, Galvansing, Others etc). Laboratory testing (destructive and non-destructive) color coding, project specific marking, tagging Final documentation etc…



Online Solutions

Internal ERP (RFQ Order);
Customer Portal (real time tracking of orders and online documentation (shipping, MTCs, etc)